Kindergarten and Preschool Group

The children at the kindergarten and the preschool group are provided with bio catering from Zeleo Bio. The prepared meals are healthy and cover the daily nutrition needs of the children. The weekly menu is available for the parents on the website of Zeleo Bio as well as in the lobby of the kindergarten.


Parents can choose one of the following options:

  • Catering from Zeleo Bio – rules are the same as for the kindergarten and the preschool group
  • Home-prepared food – if the parents choose so they can provide the daily food for their children. Accordingly, the parents should prepare and pack the breakfast, lunch and the afternoon snack

For all children at the school, the kindergarten and the preschool group the morning breakfast is at 10.30 h, the lunch is at 12.30 h. and the afternoon snack is at 16.00 h.

At the school premises, there is NO snack shop/machine loaded with food / beverages rich in sugar or additives.