Frequently Asked Questions

Does the curriculum cover the requirements of the Ministry of Education?

Private Primary School “Prof. Nikolay Raynov” has an official license issued by the Ministry of Education and complies with all educational requirements of the Ministry.

Can I enroll my child if he/she has already passed a few years following a public school curriculum?


Can I enroll my child in another school after studying at Private Primary School “Prof. Nikolay Raynov”?

Since our meets the curriculum requirements of the Ministry of Education, you can enroll your child into any other school after being with us.

Do pupils have homework?

We do not have homework in the common understanding of tasks that repeat the lessons throughout the day. The school day continues until 17 o’clock so there is a dedicated time during the day when children can finish what they started in the morning or prepare for the next day. In addition and in accordance to the Waldorf curriculum academic instruction is taught focusing primarily on a single subject during an epoch, which allows the children to immerse in the subject. These make the additional homework unnecessary.

Do pupils have grades?

Having grades is required by the Ministry of Education for students of 3rd grade and higher. The same applies for the Private Primary School “Prof. Nikolay Raynov”. Generally, in Waldorf schools grades are not used as a method for evaluation of the student’s activities.

How can I follow the progress of my child if there are neither homework nor tests?

During the school year, each class teacher besides teaching has the task to monitor the development of each child. The results of this monitoring are discussed during pedagogical meetings and are provided to the parents during parent meetings along with the respective recommendations. If the parents have questions or issues to be discussed they can request individual meetings with the teachers. At the end of each school year the class teaches elaborates an individual characteristic for the child as well as a list of recommendations. Each month the school has an open day for parents and guests that allows them to join some of the classes as observers.

How are the pupils prepared for their primary school graduation exams?

We do not deny the importance of having good results during external evaluation. That is why the exercises for grades 4 to 7 cover the curriculum for the graduation exams. This is done without any unnecessary stress for the children and without focusing solely on the final grade. It should be noted that the Waldorf system allows children to pick up quite well the curricula so that external evaluation, without being in the focus, doesn’t cause any trouble for the Waldorf graduates.

What is the approach of the Waldorf system towards the so called “high tech” and digital media?

We recommend deeper introduction to high technologies at school around the age of 12. Spending too much time on the computer or TV leads to an information overload that promotes passive behavior, alienation, aggression and health issues.

What roads lie ahead for the Waldorf system graduates?

Waldorf students can choose to venture into any professional field they prefer. Waldorf education helps them develop their own special talents and preserve their inborn curiosity and love for lifelong learning.