Frequently Asked Questions

Does the curriculum cover the requirements of the Ministry of Education (Bulgaria)?

Waldorf School “Prof. Nikolay Raynov” has an official license issued by the Ministry of Education, and complies with all educational requirements of the Ministry.

Can I enroll my child if he/she has already passed a few years following a public school curriculum?


Can I enroll my child in another school after studying at Waldorf School “Prof. Nikolay Raynov”?

Since our meets the curriculum requirements of the Ministry of Education, you can enroll your child into any other school after being with us.

Do pupils in this school have homework?


Do pupils have grades?

We work with grades but we emphasize the open and timely communication between teachers and parents. At the end of the school year, teachers provide personalized recommendations to the parent, depending on their observations and work with the child during the school year.

How can I follow the current progress of my child?

We work with an electronic school journal system. Each parent can follow the latest progress of the child in that system.

How are the pupils prepared for their state-standardized tests?

The curriculum for the respective grades covers the material for the tests. This is done without any unnecessary stress for the children and without focusing solely on the final grade. It should be noted that the Waldorf system allows children to pick up quite well the curricula so that external evaluation, without being in the focus, doesn’t cause any trouble for the Waldorf graduates.

What is the approach of the Waldorf system towards electronic devices and digital media?

We recommend that children spend minimum amount of time with devices until the age of 12.