_JAV2186In an environment full of love and warmth, amidst songs, fairy tales, natural materials, arts and free play three to four year old children thrive in our Waldorf kindergarten. Teachers get to know each child’s personality and together with its parents discuss how it walks along its own way, what it needs and how they can help it together. 20161010_164209

Children at that age need to feel at home. They need a caring, accepting and nurturing environment. The mild and natural colors, forms and materials as well as the spiritual warmth of the carers encourage children to relax and develop their individuality. Free play with natural materials (fabrics, wooden cubes, knitted bands, chestnuts, acorns, sea shells, and so on) is healthy food for fantasy, imagination and development of the senses. The daily, weekly and annual rhythms makes children feel secure.

In Waldorf education, the focus when working with little children is to help them develop through free play, arts and crafts. We avoid “early intellectualization” as we consider it harmful to the kids. Kids become healthy and happy individuals only when they develop equally their body, soul and intellect. In their early years, the development of the body is extremely important. Hence, they need to play, create and socialize much more than they need to memorize facts, or learn to read and write.