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„Детето се приема с благоговение, възпитава се с любов и се пуска на свобода“

Рудолф Щайнер

Why Waldorf education?
Waldorf education is taught at more than 1000 schools and kindergartens in 61 countries across 5 continents. This is the largest and fastest-growing network of independent non-profit organizations for education in the world. More and more people see the future in the hands of people who can create, not the ones who are taught to follow. Waldorf schools raise confident and creative people, with high aesthetics, morale and intellect, adaptable to fast changing environment.
Waldorf education is based on the teaching of Rudolph Steiner on human development. Youngest children learn about the world through play and emulation. A Waldorf kindergarten environment is full of love and warmth, where children sing songs, play games and do craft work. Only after the age of 7 are kids ready for intellectual work. However, they still need to learn in active and engaging ways, not based on abstract academic concepts. That is why, the Waldorf school curriculum for kids aged 7-14 includes plenty of movements, games, arts and rhythmic exercises. They help kids experience through senses and feelings – not only absorb knowledge using their heads. Various forms of arts in the curriculum (painting, dancing, theater, music, and so on) help kids express their inner world and develop emotional intelligence.
“Professor Nikolay Raynov” school association

The Waldorf school and kindergarten were founded by the “School for Our Kids” association later renamed to “Professor Nikolay Raynov” School Association. It is a non-profit organization involving parents, teachers and anthroposophists willing to develop and popularize Waldorf education for kids aged 3-18 in Bulgaria.

The school started in the autumn of 2011 with 2 kids and just one teacher. Today, we have more than 140 kids enrolled in the school, and a team of highly motivated teachers. The school’s premises are located in a licensed 3-storey building close to downtown Sofia. In the school yard, we grow our garden of organic fruit and vegetables, where kids learn through experience biology, sustainable development, mathematics and foreign languages.

Since 2016, the school is licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education for school grades through 12th grade. 

Since 2016, the school is licensed by the Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen / Federation of the Free Waldorf Schools, and has the right to use the names “Waldorf” and “Rudolph Steiner”.

The school is governed by the community of parents and teachers. All finances are covered by annual fees and donations coming from socially responsible organizations.

You can support us with a donation to the following bank account:

IBAN: BG47RZBB91551008577290
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