When the school year starts at a Waldorf school moved to a new campus, there are so many things to do, and so many impressions to share!

On 15th September, we welcomed our pupils for the first time in our new place. After an extremely busy summer, we had hardly finished painting the walls and furnishing the classrooms. Everyone was so excited to see what the new school looked like, kids and adults alike!

In October and November, we invited visitors to come see the school, and meet the community of parents and teachers.

Then in November it was time for Martinmas. We celebrated in the school backyard with a lantern walk and songs.

On 15th November, we celebrated 130 years from the birth of the school’s patron, Nikolay Raynov.

Meanwhile, our children learnt and created…

School projects by our 5th graders dedicated to Ancient Egypt
Sofia’s places of interest: A school project by a third-grader

… and played…

And it’s almost time for Christmas!

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