2020 is a year to remember. The whole world was in lockdown for a few months this Spring, and we had the first online school year ever. With its ups and downs, we successfully completed the school term in June.

“Together forever”: a school project by Lora, 6th grade
Miscellaneous projects during online school

Then, after the (seamingly) peaceful summer months it became clear things won’t be “back to normal” any time soon.

So, on the 15th September (the official first day of school in Bulgaria) we started back in our school campus. But we now stick to a number of safety rules: everyone wears face protection (masks or helmets), we keep social distance between classes, and we wash hands excessively.

The primary school classes have kicked off with form drawing main lessons.

So, the school seems to be working in full capacity mode, despite the unusual year…

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