On 19th February each year, Bulgaria honors its national hero Vassil Levsky (Bulgaria’s Apostle of Freedom). For us, he embodies courage, honor, dignity and liberty. On 19th February 1873 he lost his young life to live forever in his nation’s consciousness.

Teachers in our school dedicate the weeks around that date to acquainting pupils with Levsky’s life and personality.

This blackboard with Levsky’s portrait and quote welcomed visitors in the foyer (author Miss Velyana Penkova):

The words in quotes say something like this:

“We love dearly the person who shows us our mistakes. If one does not do so, he is not our friend.”

The following song is also dedicated to Levsky:



The following blackboard portraits, also created by our teachers, also represent the Apostle of Freedom:

And here are a few portraits of Levsky in pupils’ notebooks:


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